Muscat, The National Committee for Narcotics and

Psychotropic Substances (NCNPS) today held its second meeting of

the year under the chair of Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Saidi, Minister

of Health, Head of the committee.

The meeting reviewed what has been achieved of decisions taken

during the previous meeting, as well as the achievements and

challenges in the awareness, media and training plans during January

till October of this year.

The meeting also addressed the developments of the projects and

programs of the National Strategy for the Control of Drug and

Psychotropic Substances during the upcoming four years. In addition,

an overview about the meeting was shared with the Deputy Secretary

General of the Supreme Council for Planning, as well as the agreed

recommendations, projects and budgets submitted to the Council.

The projects of Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in both the

Wilayats of Sohar and Al-Amerat have been touched upon during the


The Meeting also reviewed the programs of the operational plan and

its budget for the next year, such as the awareness, media and training

plans in order to be approved.

Source: Oman News Agency