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Nizwa University Establishes UNESCO Chair on Aflaj Studies

Nizwa University Establishes UNESCO Chair on Aflaj Studies

Nizwa, Nizwa University announced establishing the UNESCO Chair on Aflaj Studies (Archaeohydrology). Dr. Abdullah al-Ghafri was appointed as the Chairholder.

The chair is the first and only UNESCO Chair in private university in the Sultanate and the first chair dedicated for Aflaj studies (ancient irrigation system) in the world.

A decision issued by Dr. Ahmed al-Rawahi, the University’s Chancellor to establish the chair, came as per a decision of the university’s Academic Board to approve a document for establishing the UNESCO Chair for Aflaj Studies (Archaeohydrology).

This chair aims to build fruitful collaborative partnerships locally and internationally by exchanging knowledge, ideas and best practices to understand Archaeohydrology.

The project also aims to create an international platform that is accessible by researchers from the academic and research institutions.

This will help to better understand the aflaj system, in addition to their social value in Oman’s culture and heritage.

The UNESCO Chair will provide opportunities for hydrologists, archeologists, economists, ecologists, anthropologists and agronomists around the world to take part in scientific research about Aflaj worldwide.

The outcomes of the researches can provide creative solutions and ideas on how to manage and sustain the Aflaj system in the future.

Source: Oman News Agency