Offtec completes a wide modernization process for the Bank of Jordan’s automated teller machine (ATM) network

Offtec completes a wide modernization process for the Bank of Jordan’s automated teller machine (ATM) network

Oftec completed the project to modernize 26 ATMs for the Bank of Jordan, where the ATMs were replaced with new, advanced ATMs belonging to the American-German company Diebold Nixdorf, which specializes in banking technology solutions.

The CEO of Oftec Palestine, Jamil Daher, praised the existing cooperation with the Bank of Jordan and stressed that this step of replacing the disbursements in favor of the Bank of Jordan comes to confirm the bank’s continuous endeavor to develop its services to its customers and its belief in the excellence of the technological banking services provided by Oftec Company, as the company continues its endeavor to provide Advanced and pioneering technological solutions and services for the Palestinian banking sector.

The Regional Director of the Bank of Jordan in Palestine, Saif Issa, confirmed that the project came in line with the bank’s plan to modernize and develop the bank’s technological system, and its strategy based on enabling citizens, companies and institutions to obtain its services in the easiest and fastest ways, relying on a large package of advanced technologies and electronic solutions.

He explained that the bank chose the devices of Diebold Nixdorf, which Oftec has had its agency in Palestine for years, as a reflection of the technical advantages and exceptional security capabilities these devices have. While the executive officer of technology sales for Oftec, Raed Mubarak, confirmed that the new “DN series” ATMs are characterized by several highly rated specifications, and are equipped with the latest technologies, including a 19-inch touch screen for ease of use, a high and very fast interface, with high levels of protection. In addition to the feature of depositing paper currencies, and the possibility of benefiting from the currency recycling feature in the future according to the bank’s need, the ATMs also feature a system with sound for the blind

Source: Maan News Agency