OFIC Launches 1st Annual Book

Oman Food Investment Holding Company

(OFIC) launched its first annual book (Facts and Figures: Promising

Investment in Food Security). The book documents the story of

success since the OFIC establishment in 2012.

The book was launched by Dr. Rashid bin Salim al-Masroori,

OFIC Chairman in the presence of Eng. Saleh bin Mohammed al-

Shanfri, CEO of the OFIC and some officials.

Dr. al-Masroori said that the book documents with photos and

figures the major OFIC achievements during its short life, which did not

exceed five years. He added that the book provides important

information on self-sufficiency ratios of the most important products of

foodstuff currently, in addition to the expected ratios after establishing

several OFIC projects, especially in the field of dairy, red livestock,

poultry and eggs.

Source: Oman News Agency