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Olympic Flame to Be Lit in Ancient Olympia

Olympic Flame to Be Lit in Ancient Olympia

The Olympic Flame will ignite in ancient Olympia on April 16, heralding the start of its journey to Paris for the thirty-third modern Olympic Games opening on July 26.

The Paris 2024 flame lighting and handover ceremony launches a momentous journey across Greece before reaching France.

After a symbolic handover in Athens the flame will embark on a maritime voyage to Marseille aboard the “Belem,’.

The torch relay across France will engage communities for two months, visiting landmarks like Lascaux, Carcassonne, Versailles, and Mont Saint-Michel.

Over 10,000 torchbearers will carry the flame through 400 towns and cities, including overseas territories like Guadeloupe and French Polynesia, before reaching Paris for the grand opening.

Source: Oman News Agency