Oman Artificial Intelligence Readiness Rating Jumps 11 Places to 48th Globally

London, The Sultanate’s rating in the “Government Artificial Intelligence Readiness Index 2020” advanced by 11 places, according to a report issued by the London-based Oxford Insights.

The Sultanate’s position scaled up to the 48th rank globally, from 59th, after Oman’s rating averaged 52.099 points.

The United States tops the list of best performing countries, followed by the United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Singapore.
The index measures the extent to which governments are prepared to use artificial intelligence in providing public services to citizens.

It operates along three main axes and comprises 33 sub-indexes, the most prominent of which are the existence of a national strategy for artificial intelligence, online services, the ability to innovate and enactment of laws for the protection of information and privacy.

Source: Oman News Agency