Oman International Nephrology Conference to Open tomorrow

The first Oman International Nephrology

Conference will begin at Hormuz Grand Hotel tomorrow Thursday

under the patronage of Dr. Sultan bin Ya’rub al-Busaidi, Ministry of

Health’s Advisor for Health Affairs.

The Conference is organized by the Nephrology Department at the

Royal Hospital (RH).

The conference is expected to witness a participation of more than

270 medical and assistant medical concerned with renal care from the

Sultanate’s different Health Institutions, as well as from Sultan Qaboos

University Hospital (SQUH), private sector, in addition to other

participants from the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries.

The conference is hosting prominent international consultants and

experts in Nephrology from the Sultanate as well as Lebanon, United

States of America, Canada, England, France, Italy, India, and Iran.

The Oman International Nephrology Conference is held with the

objective of upgrading the participants’ scientific level in the field of

Nephrology and Transplantation through viewing the latest

advancements and techniques used in diagnosis and treatment


The conference’s sessions involve various scientific lectures that

address a number of aspects related to nephrology including updates

in the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in Kidney Diseases

(KDs), in addition to peritoneal dialysis and haemodialysis. Moreover,

lectures will review compatibility in Kidney transplantation and post-

transplantation problems.

Lectures on Friday include latest update in Membranous

Glomerulonephritis, classification and management of IgA

Nephropathy, challenges related to kidney diseases, Pathophysiology

and management of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), and

the history of Genetic diseases of the kidneys in Oman. Furthermore,

diagnosis and management of Hepatitis C in Kidney disease,

Hyperfiltration and renal disease progression in Diabetes, as well as

Recurrence of Glomerulonephritis after transplantation will be


The most important last day lectures will highlight the techniques

and utility of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) and Antibody detection, in

addition to Anemia in Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD). Additionally, the

conference discusses with the international experts some of difficult

medical cases in the field of kidney and kidney transplantation, and the

various challenges faced by the Nephrologists in the Sultanate aiming

at developing solutions based on global visions and strategies thus

improving the care of the renal patients in Oman for better quality of


The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition for

pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies that displays

various medical products related to Nephrology.

Source: Oman News Agency