Oman Mulls Setting Up National Centre for Intellectual Property

Oman Mulls Setting Up National Centre for Intellectual Property

A workshop was held here today on a programme to boost the national intellectual property system and ongoing cooperation projects between the Sultanate of Oman and the World Intellectual Property Organization “WIPO”.

The two-day workshop comprises visual presentations and sessions on ongoing cooperation projects, notably those related to the specifying training materials in intellectual property, training diplomats and commerce officials, considering a master’s programme in intellectual property and other areas of cooperation in higher education. These include organizing summer schools in cooperation with the WIPO and projects implemented by WIPO that generate employment opportunities.

The two sides also elaborated on developing intellectual property assets in member states and projects that can be implemented in the Sultanate of Oman.

The workshop discussed scopes for establishing a national training centre to be entrusted with intellectual property affairs, opportunities and challenges facing intellectual property. In this context, the workshop reviewed the national strategies for intellectual property that support the “Oman Vision 2040” and innovative industries that facilitate economic growth.

Source: Oman News Agency