Omani-British Military Exercise Swift Sword 3 Launched

Muscat, The Omani-British joint military exercise

“Swift Sword 3” was launched today after the military, security and civil

organisations had completed (Al Shomoukh 2) military exercise, which

was concluded with a number of strikes against the hypothetical

enemy troops.

Lt.Gen. Ahmed bin Harith al-Nabhani, Chief of Staff of the

Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF), Exercise Director, hailed the

achievements made at (Al Shomoukh 2 exercise). He pointed out that

the training objectives that were achieved should be a source of pride

for Oman and its loyal people.

The SAF Chief of Staff (Exercise Director) thanked all military,

security and civil organisations taking part at the exercise and hoped

that this level of harmony should be maintained during the joint military

exercise (Swift Sword 3) to achieve the national objective; serving the

country and His Majesty the Sultan, the Supreme Commander of the

Armed Forces.

The SAF Chief of Staff (Exercise Director) thanked the Royal

British Forces taking part at the (Swift Sword 3) for their preparations to

commence the exercise. He hailed their level of operations and the

efforts made by the British forces commands. He added that the

exercise provides a good opportunity for sharing experiences in the

planning and training fields, as well as activities of implementation.

Source: Oman News Agency