Omani Writers Achieve Top Places in Sharjah Award for Playwriting

Sharjah, Omani writer Osama Zayid Al Shaqsi won first place in Sharjah Award for Playwriting 2022-2023, in the “texts for adults” category. His script was titled “Waiting for the Family.”

Kuwaiti writer, Othman Ali Al Shatti, bagged the prize of the second place through his text titled “Nothing”. Third place went to Omani writer Nasser Mohammed Al Kindi. His script was titled “The Lost Death.”

The winners will be honoured at a ceremony to be held on 19 March 2023.

The competition highlights the significance of playwriting to the development of GCC cultural and theatrical movement, as well as the attention accorded to writers and playwrights in member states.

Source: Oman News Agency