OMSB Annual Career and Research Forum Opens

The Oman Medical Specialty Board

(OMSB) inaugurated at Oman Convention and Exhibition Center today

the “Annual Career and Research Forum 2017/2018” under the

auspices of Dr. Ali bin Talib al-Hinai, Undersecretary of the Ministry of

Health for Planning Affairs.

In the Forum, 48 medical researches and posters are competing.

The Forum includes an exhibition that have corners for the medical

specialties training programs, a number of academic departments,

some training sites, and the Medical Simulation Center. The exhibition

also includes corners for some other medical and academic institutions

that works side by side with the OMSB, such as the Neurology

Department in Khoula Hospital, The Research Council, Oman Medical

Association, Directorate General of Medical Services and the Armed

Forces Hospital.

This event aims to encourage Omani physicians in OMSB to

compete in presenting the best medical research. This will improve

their scientific research skills and their presentation skills. It will also

support and enrich medical researchers in the Sultanate. This will give

Omani physicians a chance to publish their researches in medical

and scientific journals, enable them to be creative and innovative,

provide them with all the support to find the issues in their community

and find solutions for these issues.

The exhibition is held to introduce all the aspects related to medical

training in OMSB. It is an opportunity to meet with faculty members

and residents. It is a chance to those interested in joining OMSB to be

acquainted with the academic system and receive advises regarding

the various specialties and training programs.

OMSB is an academic institution aims to train MD holders who

graduate from Sultan Qaboos University, Oman Medical College or any

other recognized medical school. There are 18 training programs under

the OMSB and the length of these programs is between 4-6 academic

years. Resident graduate from OMSB as specialized physicians with a

board certificate, which is equivalent to international board certificates.

The OMSB qualifies Omani specialized physicians and enhance their

skills in cooperation with international institutions.

Source: Oman News Agency