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Operational plans for Hajj Season 1445 AH unveiled

Operational plans for Hajj Season 1445 AH unveiled

The General Authority for the Care of the Affairs of Two Holy Mosques announced the readiness for facilities for pilgrims.

These include cooling and air conditioning systems, fans, audio and visual systems, as well as the door systems of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque. Escalators and elevators, means of transportation within the Two Holy Mosques, and special pathways for pilgrims are also prepared.

The area around the Grand Mosque has been arranged to facilitate the move of electric vehicles to Tawaf and Sa’i, and bathrooms and ablution areas have been prepared for the elderly and people with disabilities, SPA reported.

The Department of Services and Systems at the Two Holy Mosques operates round the clock to ensure a spiritual environment for pilgrims, so that they may perform their rituals with ease, and to maintain a steady supply of Zamzam water to the two holy mosques.

The authority has mobilised 5,138 workers to ensure the daily cleaning and disinfection of the Grand Mosque, under the sup
ervision of 400 employees operating 24 hours a day. This is carried out with the help of 4,000 pieces of modern equipment and machinery. While 68 screens have been prepared providing guidance in 53 languages, lessons and sermons are translated in 10 languages.

The authority has also prepared 140 doors to facilitate entry and exit to the Grand Mosque during the Hajj season, and operates 251 golf carts, all part of the operational plan for Hajj season 1445 AH.

The authority has also prepared 20,000 Zamzam containers, as well as 3,442 bathrooms which are cleaned and sterilised daily.

Source: Bahrain News Agency