Outstanding Participation by Omani Horse Riders in Al Shaqab Endurance Competition in Qatar

Doha, Aisha al-Braiky successfully completed Al

Shaqab Endurance Competition held at the Marathon Village in

Sealine, Qatar, for a distance of 100 km with 94 participants from

different countries.

The competition witnessed the participation of well-known

endurance horse riders from various stables of the world. The race was

divided into 3 stages; 40 km for the first stage, 35 km for the second

stage and 25 km for the third stage/.

“The participation of Aisha is an outstanding one due to her high level

and good performance in various stages of the race, which indicates

her advanced level and good performance gaining more experience in

the upcoming endurance competitions,” said Jabr bin Shabib al-

Nu’aimi, coach of endurance race.

Source: Oman News Agency