Over 100 Government bodies benefits from the Emirates ID in matching the date of their employees and customers

WAM Abu Dhabi, 21st Jan. 2013 (WAM) – Emirates Identity Authority revealed its success in entering the ID number into the databases used by more than 120 government bodies across the country, which are related to the records of employees and customers of these bodies, electronically and according to the public register system data.

Emirates ID said that this service provided exclusively to institutions, recorded a matching percentage between 20% to 100% in identifying the ID numbers of employees and customers of these institutions, depending on the quality of data provided by the institutions.

Emirates ID clarified that the Data Matching Service aims to limit the duplication of records due to changing the Identification documents presented by the customer, like changing the passport after renewal. The service also aims to limit the issuance of identification documents by these bodies to its customers in order to benefit from their services.

Emirates ID noted that launching the Data Matching Service was in line with its efforts to achieve the mission of contributing to the national and individual security by reinforcing identifications mechanisms, and its vision of being the main reference of ID confirmation, and its quest to provide the population data in the country in order to support the decision making process in the development march of the country.

The authority commended efforts of more than 160 government bodies and institutions in the country to esteem the ID card, which had a positive impact on the organizing and management of files and records related to individual transactions at these bodies, and facilitate the matching and comparing mechanism with the authority’s records which includes the ID number for each individual residing in the country, linked to its biological characteristics, which is fixed for life.

The authority pointed that this service is witnessing a notable development and an growing interest from the government bodies during 2012, in line with the increase of ID card esteem in government transactions, not to mention the increased number of people registered in the ID card and the population register system during the last year, in line of the registration time-limits identified by the authority for each Emirate, and resulted in the registration of majority of the residents.

The individual service data matching service mechanism is done by an official letter to the Emirates ID by the government body wishing to benefit from the service, justifying the reason for the data request, in addition to sending and electronic filed including the customer data to be matched, so that the Emirates ID can respond to the requesting body within 14 days of the day of request.