Painful details narrated by prisoner Fatima Amarneh about her arrest

Painful details narrated by prisoner Fatima Amarneh about her arrest

The Commission for the Affairs of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners published in its report issued today, Monday, details of the painful arrest of prisoner Fatima Amarneh, after the Commission’s lawyer, Hanan Al-Khatib, visited her in Damoun Prison.

The Commission said that on September 4, 2023, around nine o’clock in the evening, Fatima Amarneh (41 years old) from the city of Jenin was leaving Al-Aqsa Mosque, and she was surprised when one of the occupation soldiers kicked her in the leg, claiming that she had tried to stab him, and then several soldiers attacked her. They severely beat her until she lost consciousness, and she then found herself handcuffed inside a military jeep and surrounded by female soldiers.

The prisoner was then transferred to the (Al-Qashla) Investigation Center, and the investigating officer continued the series of torture, beating her and trying to intimidate her and violate her privacy because she was a veiled girl, while the female soldiers then strip-searched her several times.

The lawyer adds, in the words of the prisoner: “Then they put me in a saddlebag and hit it hard. Sometimes they walked quickly and then stopped suddenly. They moved me from one place to another and twisted me around a lot in order to pressure and annoy me. The female soldiers tightened the handcuffs on my hands with the aim of hurting me, and some of them were pushing me, kicking me, and hitting me.” They tore my cloak for me, then they transferred me to Ramla prison. I slept in Ramla without eating, and they put me in a solitary cell alone. The conditions of the cell were difficult and harsh, a bed with a thin leather mattress, no pillow, an unclean blanket and a stinky smell, a toilet consisting of a hole in the floor, disgusting and smelling bad, then they were taken out. I was transferred to Damoun, where traces of bruises remained on my body from the severity of the beating I received at the time of arrest, and part of my clothes had traces of blood on them. I lost more than 2 kilos in 3 days… What hap
pened to me was an unexpected dream

Source: Maan News Agency