Pakistani Interior, Planning Minister Highlights Promising Investment Opportunities

Dr. Ahsan Iqbal, Pakistani Minister for

Interior, Planning, Development and Reforms affirmed that enhancing

cooperation between the Sultanate and Pakistan in the field of ports

will establish a “big power” for transporting the supply chain to Africa.

He added in a statement that was published today by Al Roya

newspaper that Islamabad is making steady efforts to promote

cooperation with the Sultanate in the different economic fields. He

pointed out that the two countries have many promising cooperation


He also pointed out that cooperation between Gwadar Port in

Pakistan and the Omani ports may create a big power for transporting

the supply chain to Africa. He noted that he is looking forward for close

cooperation with the Sultanate under the wise leadership of His

Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said as this will serve the interests of both

countries and marine trade as well.

“I have discussed a number of opportunities of cooperation and

forwarded an invitation to Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Futaisi, Minister

of Transport and Communications to visit Pakistan and Gwadar Port.

Ferry service between the Sultanate and Pakistan will be launched

soon, which will facilitate trade. I also invited Omani businessmen and

investors to visit Pakistan and explore joint ventures between the two

countries,” he added.

“We are looking forward for closer cooperation between the Sultanate

and Pakistan especially Pakistan can be an important channel in

transporting oil from the Sultanate to China,” the Pakistani Minister for

Interior concluded.

Source: Oman News Agency