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Palestine urges Arab, int’l support for full UN membership

Palestine urges Arab, int’l support for full UN membership

Palestinian Representative at the Arab League Mohannad Al-Aklouk called on Wednesday for further Arab and international support for his country’s full UN membership.

He made the call during an extraordinary meeting of the Arab League’s permanent representatives to look into the crimes of genocide and starvation committed by the Israeli occupying entity.

He urged all Arab countries, parliaments, civil society organizations, trade unions and human rights bodies to move immediately as per international justice mechanisms to bring to accountability those involved in brutal crimes against Palestinian civilians, children and women.

Over 180 days, the Israeli occupying entity has killed more than 33,000 martyrs and injured 75,500 others, mostly children and women, the Palestinian diplomat added.

The Israeli occupation has also cut off power, water, medicine and food for 2.3 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, he pointed out.

He, further, called on the UN Security Council (UNSC) to oblige the Israeli occupat
ion to implement a ceasefire in Gaza and deliver humanitarian and relief aid to people there.

For his part, Egypt’s Permanent Representative Mohammad Orfi called on all world countries to recognize the State of Palestine and to take “the correct side of history” He sounded the alarm that a looming wide-scale offensive in the Palestinian city of Rafah would lead to aborting ongoing fervent efforts to ensure Gaza ceasefire and deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

He also reiterated his country’s emphatic opposition to the displacement of Palestinians out of their territories or the separation of Gaza from other occupied Palestinian territories.

The Egyptian diplomat also warned Israeli occupying forces and settlers of any attempt to commit any violations at Al-Aqsa Mosque, particularly at this critical religious time.

Source: Kuwait News Agency