Palestinian NGOs condemn Israeli systematic violations against Palestinian people

Palestinian human rights and civil society organizations called Sunday on UN to stop Israel’s systematic violations against Palestinian people, especially against women in the West Town city of Al-Khalil (Hebron).

The organizations, in a demonstration in front of UNESCO office in Gaza, condemned Israeli occupation crimes against Palestinian people including abritrary inspections in Al-Khalil in July.

Maryam Zaqout, member of a network of Palestinian NGOs, said the demonstration before UNESCO office aimed at condemning actions committed by Israeli occupation forces when they violated “dignity of five Palestinian women in Al-Khalil last month,” and were recently revealed by human rights groups.

She said occupation forces attacked women and tore their clothes in front of their children and at gunpoint, when they stormed their houses in July, in blatant violations of moral, humanitarian and legal values.

She added that this was in addition to violations of rights of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, calling for punishment of those who committed those crimes.

Source: Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)