Pan-Arab talks sound warning for firms doing business with Israeli occupation

Talks involving liaison officers representing Arab states on Wednesday warned firms against investing in any Israeli-owned entity, saying such business practices run counter to a pan-Arab boycott strategy against Israel.

The gathering in the Egyptian capital reiterated calls for these companies to halt any forms of business with Israeli entities, saying the measure is in line with a comprehensive boycott strategy adopted by the wider Arab region against Israeli occupation over its war against the Gaza Strip, which has been raging on since October.

The strategy requires closer cooperation among Arab states in a bid to further enhance the implementation of the boycott plan, which has “grown in significance” on a global scale, subsequently giving more credence to Palestinian aspirations for statehood, the talks underlined.

The talks went on to denounce any international conventions or laws that “criminalize” boycott measures against Israel, while calling on the world football governing body FIFA and the Inter
national Olympic Committee to heed a Palestinian request to ban Israeli athletes from participating in global events over the war against the Gaza Strip.

Source: Kuwait News Agency