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People’s Party: Palestine must be an essential part of organizing the Emergency Humanitarian Response Conference

People’s Party: Palestine must be an essential part of organizing the Emergency Humanitarian Response Conference

Member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization and Secretary-General of the Palestinian People’s Party, Bassam Al-Salhi, called on President Mahmoud Abbas to boycott the emergency conference for humanitarian response organized by Jordan, Egypt and the United Nations on Gaza, unless the State of Palestine is an essential part of its organization, and not a guest. in it.

Al-Salhi said that Jordanian and Egyptian good intentions in humanitarian support for the Gaza Strip must also take into account political intentions that are inseparable from the reality of the existential conflict that the Palestinian people are waging in defense of their legitimate national rights and against the ongoing genocide.

Al-Salhi stressed: The national battle taking place in Gaza, which is inseparable from that in the West Bank, now bears only one title, which is achieving national independence, and it is the battle of the entire Palestinian people in all their places, and it is also the battle of all
the free people of the world and the defenders of the rights of our people.

In this context, Al-Salhi stressed the need to protect Palestinian representation at the height of this battle, considering this an integral part of it, and it is a very decisive matter in confronting the plans of the occupation and the American administration for the so-called ‘day after.’ However, the condition for achieving this, which has become unbearable, is Delay means an immediate end to the division and the speedy achievement of national partnership and unification of the position on all issues and challenges facing the Palestinian people, starting with confronting the aggression and dealing with the ceasefire negotiations and ending with achieving the Palestinian national program for the independence of the State of Palestine and guaranteeing the right of return.

Al-Salhi added: The first duty in this regard falls on the Palestine Liberation Organization, and it is also the duty of the Hamas movement, stressing that the si
tuation can no longer tolerate the failure to strengthen the position of the Palestine Liberation Organization and activate its institutions and executive committee in dealing with all these challenges

Source: Maan News Agency