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Preparatory Arab Summit meetings commence in Manama

Preparatory Arab Summit meetings commence in Manama

Arab Summit preparatory meetings commenced on Saturday in Manama, chaired by Bahrain and attended by a Kuwaiti delegation. This is to arrange for upcoming 33rd Arab League council session.

Bahraini undersecretary for finance and national economy Yousef Al-Humoud is chairing the meeting, attended by a Kuwaiti delegation headed by envoy to Arab League, Ambassador Talal Al-Mutairi, League Assistant Secretary Generals Ambassadors Haifah Abughazaleh and Dr. Ali Al-Malki, and representatives of Arab countries.

Slated on the agenda is a host of proposed topics including joint Arab social developmental work, and an urgent response plan to address socioeconomic ramifications of Israeli aggression on Palestine.

Developments on the Arab Free Trade Area, Arab customs union, youth and peace strategy as well as technical training and education strategy, are also to be discussed in addition to water security and Arab tourism.

Further on the agenda is project on new social contract; dialogue towards safe fair and sustain
able future, mechanisms connecting social development establishment to League, and suggestion put for by League’s secretariat on Arab vision 2045.

Several issues have been proposed by Gulf States including Saudi topics on health sector and cybersecurity, Bahrain memorandum on financial technology and digitalization, and UAE women economic empowerment suggestion.

Source: Kuwait News Agency