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Prisoners’ Authority: Torture and abuse against Negev prisoners is the most dangerous in prisons

Prisoners’ Authority: Torture and abuse against Negev prisoners is the most dangerous in prisons

Ramallah – Ma’an – Lawyers for the Prisoners’ and Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs Authority confirmed today, Monday, after their visit to Al-Naqab Prison during the past two days, that the situation is still bad and retaliatory penalties against prisoners have been imposed forcefully since the beginning of the war on the Gaza Strip on 10/07/2023. The occupation prison administration is launching… A psychological and physical war against them, under false and unjustified pretexts, in complete disregard of the Geneva Conventions and all international and humanitarian conventions.

In this context, the Prisoners’ Commission reviewed a number of the tormenting measures imposed on prisoners of the Negev, including the following:

1. Prisoners are constantly subjected to severe beatings and insults.

2. There is a widespread spread of respiratory, skin, and digestive system diseases, and bacterial and fungal diseases, due to the absence of the minimum requirements of hygiene, and deprivation of food and treatment.

3. The
food is poor in quantity and quality. The meal provided for 10 prisoners is not actually enough for one prisoner, and the quality of the food is poor, as it is often cold and smells bad. As a result, most of the prisoners lost dozens of kilograms of their weight.

4. Major and deliberate medical negligence against prisoners. There is no treatment or examinations, and anyone who goes out to the prison clinic is immediately beaten.

5. Since the beginning of the war, the prisoners have not changed their clothes, as the prisoner only has what he wears.

6. The prisoner is brought to the visiting room with his hands tied behind his back, blindfolded and with his back bent.

7. Power cut from seven in the evening until six in the morning.

8. Forcing the prisoners to prostrate at the number, with their faces facing the ground.

9. The hot water bath is only available for one hour.

10. Deprivation of the party and the canteen.

11. Visiting family and communicating with them by phone is absolutely prohibited.

Lawyers’ visits are limited and take place according to certain conditions with difficulty, and the prisoner is often beaten and threatened if he mentions any details of what he is exposed to after the visit ends.

13. Preventing collective prayer and confiscating the Qur’an.

The Commission called for immediate action at the highest international and regional levels, to consider the seriousness of the Israeli practices against our prisoners, and to work to oblige the occupying state to respect and implement the provisions of international law, and to stop the inhumane and immoral practices towards them, before we lose more of them as martyrs.

Source: Maan News Agency