Public Prosecution holds webinar on restorative justice

Bahrain’s Public Prosecution held a virtual workshop in cooperation with the Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) on restorative justice system.

The Bahrain’s Public Prosecution is keen to exchange expertise with its GCC counterparts to build national capacities and develop the restorative justice system.

Nasser Ibrahim Al-Sheeb, Chief Prosecutor, highlighted the importance of the restorative justice system in enforcing the role of the victims and offenders in legal procedures, as well as in diagnosing the damages caused by the crime and the measures required to achieve restorative justice between both parties.

He noted that the restorative justice system is a major step in modern penal system which allows the parties to use restorative justice according to certain legal requirements.

Al-Sheeb explained how the Restorative Justice Law for Children and their Protection from Ill Treatment represented a significant development in the justice and penal systems, as it prioritises children’s rights in all cases.

The webinar also highlighted Bahrain’s approach to the open prison system which contributes to the development of penal codes that commensurate with the Kingdom’s human rights vision; and take inmates’ rights and social and humanitarian conditions into consideration.

Source: Bahrain News Agency