Public Prosecution: “We follow up on everything raised on social media.”

Muscat: In an exclusive interview for “Ma’a Shabiba” show on Shabiba FM, the Assistant Public Prosecutor, Maysa Zahran Al-Ruqaishi, said that the Public Prosecution follows up on what is raised through social media, as such media have been widely used by society members.

The Assistant Prosecutor said that the Public Prosecution continuously follows up on all that is raised on social media platforms by a specialized team that monitors everything that is raised that aims to stir up public opinion, create confusion among members of society and weaken the individual’s confidence in government institutions.

She said that after investigating most of the accounts that aim to stir up public opinion through social media platforms, the monitoring team at the Public Prosecution was able to verify that these accounts are managed by individuals staying outside Oman. Therefore, society members should be aware of such accounts and not be dragged into the content they broadcast that stirs up public opinion, and creates a kind of confusion.

She added that some individuals resort to social media to claim their rights without going to the competent authorities to submit their demands. It is the role of the Public Prosecution to reveal such accounts and determine who is behind them.

She added that the Public Prosecution relies on community awareness to respond and comment on such actions. This is because community awareness is the first line of defense in such crimes. Likewise, it is the role of the family to educate its members, especially teenagers, to urge them not to follow such accounts, not to circulate the content they send, and not to believe them.

Source: Times of Oman