Qatar Takes Part in 22nd Conference of Arab Bureau of Education

Doha, October 30 (QNA) – The State of Qatar takes part in the 22nd Conference of the Arab Bureau of Education on Tuesday and Wednesday, 30 and 31 October. HE Saad bin Ibrahim Al Mahmoud, Minister of Education and Higher Education and Secretary General of the Supreme Education Council (SEC), leads Qatar’s delegation to the Conference.
The conference will address key issues on its agenda including, the budget, programmes and devices for the next fiscal term 2013-2014, its participation in the events of Member States and regional and international organizations related to it, in addition to honoring the President of the 21st General Conference, and the Chairman of the Executive Board in the fiscal term 2011-2012.
The conference will also address honoring the former members of the General Conference and the Executive Council whose memberships have ended before the end of that session. Also, on the sidelines of the conference, a book fair will be held with the participation of ministries of education in the member states. (QNA)

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