Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, received this afternoon in Bkirki a US Senate delegation, including Senators Darren Lahoud, Daryl Issa and Dan Kildy, and the President of the American Support Group for Lebanon, Ambassador Ed Gabriel, who are currently in Beirut on a support visit to Lebanon and the Lebanese.

The delegation reviewed with al-Rahi the reality of the crises prevailing in the country, affirming “the United States’ support for the Lebanese people and for the advancement of Lebanon and the return of sovereignty and complete decision to the hands of the Lebanese army.”

On emerging, Lahoud said: “We were honored to visit His Beatitude today, and the meeting was excellent, in which we discussed a number of issues and crises experienced by the Lebanese. The first objective of our visit to Lebanon is to express our support for the Lebanese people in these very difficult circumstances in light of the current economic and humanitarian crisis. We discussed with the Patriarch some solutions that the United States can commit to, and its role in helping the government to pursue serious negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.”

He added: “We also discussed with the Patriarch how the United States can contribute to supporting the investigation process in the Beirut port explosion and the importance of supporting Judge Tarek al-Bitar.”

“We emphasized the need to hold transparent parliamentary elections, and until then we hope that the current government will work for the good of the Lebanese people,” Lahoud underlined, noting that these issues were also raised during the delegation’s visits to a number of Lebanese political figures.

In turn, Senator Issa said: “The Lebanese people are ready for work and change, if the government shows a willingness to work seriously.”

Source: National News Agency