RAO Carries out ‘Valley of Fire’ Exercise with American Forces

The Royal Army of Oman (RAO) carried out today, represented by personnel of the 11th Infantry Brigade, with the participation of the Sultan of Oman Artillery, the Sultan’s Armed Forces Engineering, with support from the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO), carried out the Omani-American Joint Exercise (Valley of Fire), with the participation of units from the US Marines.

The activities of the joint exercise took place in the fields of Rabkut in the Governorate of Dhofar, where the Omani / American participating forces carried out the targeted plans set for them, in order to achieve the planned training objectives by the exercise activities, during which the participants showed a high level of performance and morale. The event of the exercise reflected the features of the personnel of the Royal Army of Oman of competence and ability to function at the level of training and higher qualification, and the ability to harmonize in the implementation of common tasks.

The implementation of such exercises comes within the framework of the training plan of the RAO to maintain the high level of performance and training and combat efficiency among the personnel of the Royal Army of Oman within the annual programs implemented by the RAO with the friendly countries within the training and rehabilitation plans for its personnel, which is keen to organize and prepare to achieve the desired objectives and to exchange military expertise.

The Omani / US Joint Exercise was attended from the Omani side by the Acting Commander of the Royal Army of Oman and on behalf of the American side by the commander of the American 35th Infantry Division and a number of senior officers and officers from both sides.

Source: Oman News Agency