Report on 5th Journalist Correspondent Forum in Musandam

The Governorate of Musandam is characterized by a diverse geographical nature, combining high mountains, and deep sea waters. Its rocky beaches formed along its coasts a series of beautiful bays of different sizes, in addition to islands in various forms, sizes and locations.

The Oman Journalists Association organized the 5th Journalist Correspondent Forum in the Governorate of Musandam, in the Wilayat of Khasab from the February 4th to the 6th.

The forum started last Sunday with the participation of more than 70 journalists and media professionals from all governorates of the Sultanate. The activities started with a night on Basa Beach, a beach on the entrance to the City of Khasab (Khasab/ Bukha Coastal Road) and is one of the touristic destinations in the wilaya place for beach sports. A number of sporting, cultural, social and entertainment events were organized on the beach, for example, Women Tent Pegging Championship was recently held there.

The following day, a cruise was organized for the participants in one of the traditional Omani boats, from the fishing port in Khasab towards Khour Sham and al Telegraph Island through the marine areas and villages extending from Khasab port to the end of the bay.

Khour Sham includes many islands, scattered villages and fishing complexes. It is one of the most beautiful destinations for tourists from all over the world, especially in winter, where they can camp and watch dolphins. Fans of diving and canoeing can enjoy the coral reefs, marine organisms of various species, multicolored fish and underground rock caves. The Khour is 20 kilometers long.

As you travel through Khour Sham, you will see al Telegraph Island, a very famous historical tourist attraction in the Governorate of Musandam. It is a touristic station in the bay. It tells the tourists of the geological nature, terrain and topography. The name al Telegraph” comes from the telegraph-cable repeater station built on the island in 1864. The cable linked Basra, (Iraq) and Bombay (India). Another cable from the island to Gwadar in 1864. Traces were found of the remains that tell of the heritage of this island and the beginning of the communications in the region.

In the evening, a meeting was held in the hall of Khasab Hotel under the patronage of Sayyed Khalifa bin Al Murdas bin Ahmed al- Busaidi, Governor of Musandam.

On the third and final day, the participants toured the City of Khasab to get acquainted with its landmarks and the most prominent of the city’s facilities, markets, neighborhoods, castles, farms, facilities and services.

The Omani Woman Association was also visited to learn about its role in serving the Omani women and supporting them in various social and economic fields.

Source: Oman News Agency