RNOV Shabab Oman II Receives 40K Visitors during Three Days

Paris, The Royal Navy of Oman’s vessel

(RNOV) “Shabab Oman II” registered high rates of visitors during its

current participation at the Armada Maritime Festival in the French city

of Rouen, which lasts until 16 June. The participation is considered the

fourth journey in the vessel’s history, which is themed (Masts of Glory

and Peace) to the European continent, which began 15 April and lasts

until 17 October 2019.

During the journey, the vessel will visit 20 ports and cities in

Asia, Africa and Europe, during which the vessel will anchor in four

main stations, starting from its current (first stop) in Armada Maritime

Festival, and then the ship moves to its second station to take part in

the Liberty Tall Ships Regatta � Scheveningen 2019 in the Kingdom of

the Netherlands during 20 to 23 June. The vessel will then compete in

its third stop in Tall Ships Regatta during 3 to 6 July 2019 in Aalborg in

Denmark. Then, the vessel will take part in the Tall Ships Regatta in

Aarhus city in Denmark, during 1 to 4 August 2019.

The visitors toured various facilities at Shabab Oman II. At the

end of the visit, the vessel’s crew performed several traditional arts and

songs inspired by the Omani maritime heritage, which impressed the

attendees, who hailed the hospitality they received from the Omani


Source: Oman News Agency