Romanian Health Minister Visits Health Institutions

Muscat, Dr. Sorina Pintea, Minister of Health in the Republic of Romania, today visited a number of health institutions in the Governorate of Muscat, as part of the Romanian Prime Minister’s visit to the Sultanate.

The guest minister visited the National Center for Cardiac Surgery at the Royal Hospital and looked at the facilities of the center, the operations hall and the extensive heart care units.

Dr. Qasim al-Salmi, Director General of the Royal Hospital, gave a detailed explanation of the methods of patient care before, during and after heart operations.

The minister also visited the North Al Khuwair Health Center and met with a number of officials. She also learned about the facilities of the health center, its functioning mechanism, the methods of receiving and transferring patients, and the basic health care system in all its components.

Dr. Sorina Pintea expressed her admiration for the health services in the Sultanate and the efforts made by the Ministry of Health to develop primary, secondary and specialized health services throughout the Sultanate.

Source: Oman News Agency