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ROP’s march witnessed great strides: Al Rawas

ROP’s march witnessed great strides: Al Rawas

Muscat: Terming the Royal Oman Police (ROP) Annual Day as a historic occasion, Brigadier Eng Mohammed bin Awad Al Rawas, director general of traffic, said that “the march of ROP has witnessed great strides.”

Al Rawas said: “The number of road accidents decreased by 81 percent that has led to reduction of injury cases by 64 percent, and deaths by 82 percent in 2021.

Al Rawas added: “ROP has witnessed the great improvement in its performance, training, and the modernisation of police facilities and buildings.”

The Director General of Traffic reviewed the traffic achievements and said that ROP was providing high-quality services using modern technologies that has witnessed marked improvement in traffic safety.

He said: “The number of road accidents decreased by (81 percent), injuries by (64 percent), and deaths by (82 percent) in 2021. Compared to 2012 statistics, the number of registered vehicles increased by (57 percent) and the number of driving licenses by (71 percent).

During the same period, the electronic services provided by the Royal Oman Police through its electronic applications achieved a community satisfaction rate of 94 percent.

Brigadier Eng. Al Rawas said that most of the traffic services are provided electronically. In keeping with the digital transformation in the Sultanate of Oman, he said that the Royal Oman Police has strengthened the Directorate General of Traffic with many integrated programmes and systems that enables it to provide its digital services by linking it with relevant systems.

The directorate also follows up and monitors the work carried out by 53 service sites, including traffic directorates spread across the governorates, to bring services closer to beneficiaries.

Al Rawas said: “The Sultanate of Oman is witnessing a great development in the road network, as it has been implemented with high specifications. The Traffic Engineering Department of the General Directorate of Traffic follows up and monitors the sites of recurrence of traffic accidents and works to address them in coordination with the concerned authorities. It takes preventive measures to review road projects to achieve a safe traffic flow and control violators of traffic regulations and rules, with a focus on controlling the most reckless drivers of their lives and the lives of others of road users.”

He added: “The Royal Oman Police believes that awareness is a key approach and continuous work. Traffic awareness helps in improving the behaviour of road users and we organise lectures, seminars and educational forums. We issue and disseminate brochures and statistical and educational booklets targeting all segments and groups of society from school students, colleges, sports clubs, forums, government and private institutions. We also produce educational films and hold media meetings for school students with the aim of creating awareness on traffic rules and regulations.”

The Director General of Traffic said: “ROP is working continuously to consolidate traffic safety among its employees by establishing traffic safety institutes in all governorates of the Sultanate of Oman. We also apply best practices in the procedures to grant driving licenses and conduct driving tests that include electronic written tests and advanced simulators.

“The Royal Oman Police is making all efforts to intensify the police presence and patrols on the roads. It has also developed vehicle technical inspection sites using the best technologies and advanced mechanisms to ensure the durability of the vehicle to make it safer for its users.”

Source: Times of Oman