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SAI Participates in ARABOSAI Meeting

SAI Participates in ARABOSAI Meeting

Muscat, The State Audi Institution (SAI) is currently taking part in the 17th meeting of the Audit and Professional Standards Committee of the Arab Organization for Supreme Audit Institutions (ARABOSAI).

The meeting is convened during the period (19-20) May 2021 through video conference with the participation of SAI members of the committee.

The meeting discusses a number of items listed in the agenda, most importantly reviewing the final report on survey findings related to the requirements of operationalizing the standards as per the performance measurement framework (PMF) along with the report’s recommendations. The meeting also discusses work progress of the operational plan and the extraordinary plan of the committee to address the COVID-19 implications, as well as upgrading the committee’s two-year plan (2021-2022) and reviewing the operational plan of 2021.

Further, the participants will be reviewing the proposal of merging the note of “articles framework” and note of “the procedures of ensuring the quality of products/publications of the APS”. They will also look into the translation of the draft INTOSAI manual 5330 and appointing a representative for the committee in the team who will be in charge of preparing the strategical map of the organization for the period (2023-2028).

In addition, the meeting will discuss enlisting a guiding manual project on assessing the general policies within the committee’s work.

Source: Oman News Agency