9:00 am Lebanese Association for Rehabilitation and Development organizes a training workshop on the Developmental Assessment Battery: A Tool for Detecting Students with Special Needs (Learning Disabilities) in Beirut – Clemenceau, Prince Omar Street, Prince Building, 5th Floor. The workshop is conducted by Developmental Assessment Battery specialist Huda Al-Husseini Bebe. Participants receive a certified certificate from the Middle East Counseling and Development Center (Guidance) and a license to administer the tests.

10:00 am Dialogue session with Minister of Displaced Affairs Issam Sharafeddine and former MP Ghassan Mukheiber, hosted by Lawyer Mazen Abu Al-Hassan and Sons at their residence in Al-Qalaa Town – Hammana Main Road, Judge Shafiq Abu Al-Hassan Building.

11:00 am Exhibition of National Crafts and Products hosted by EL COMANDANTE restaurant near the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Beirut – UNESCO area, in celebration of World Cooperative Day. The exhibition opens
its hall from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm.

11:00 pm Scientific seminar titled “The Palestinian Issue in the Thought of Preacher Fathi Yakan” on the fifteenth anniversary of the passing of the Islamic thinker and preacher Fathi Yakan, at the University of Jinan Theater – Tripoli.

12:00 pm Session of the Higher Islamic Sharia Council chaired by the Grand Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, at Dar Al-Fatwa, to discuss Islamic and national affairs.

Source: National news agency – Lebanon