School bus mishap: Health condition of student stable, confirms Oman authority

Muscat: The health condition of the female student who was injured in a school bus incident in the Wilayat of Nizwa is stable, said the Directorate General of Education for Al Dakhiliyah Governorate.

The Directorate General of Education for Al Dakhiliyah Governorate said in a statement, in light of what is circulating on social media about the incident of a student falling from one of the school buses of the Directorate General of Education for Al Dakhiliyah Governorate: “The Directorate would like to clarify that it followed the incident with interest, and confirms the stability of the female student’s health condition.”

The statement also confirmed that the Directorate continues to take the necessary measures in coordination and cooperation with the concerned authorities to ensure that the incident is not repeated, and the Directorate calls on school bus drivers to adhere to the safety and security rules in order to preserve the safety of the students.

Social media activists and users circulated a video showing a child falling from a school bus while it was moving on one of the roads in the Wilayat of Nizwa, which sparked widespread condemnation due to the negligence of the bus driver.

The news received by Times of Oman states that the child suffered a fracture in one of her teeth and her chin was injured when the child fell from the bus in a frightening manner, which led to her face colliding with the asphalt street.

Source: Times of Oman