Scientific Seminar on Camels at SQU

The first scientific specialized seminar on camels was held at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) today. The seminar is organized by Alam Al Hijn Magazine in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries under the auspices of Sayyid Taimur bin As’ad bin Tariq al- Said, Assistant Secretary General for Communications at The Research Council (TRC).

Sulaiman bin Mohammed al- Salmi, Director General of Marketing, Agricultural and Animal Investment and Acting Director General of Live Stock at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries said that the Ministry seeks to maintain and develop live stock as it is a basic source of income for many Omani families and it contributes to providing a number of foodstuffs.

He added that the number of animal heads increased from 1,408,000 in 1993 Census to 3,235,000 in 2013 Census. Of which 7.5% (or 242,000 heads) are camels. The experts speaking at the seminar covered a number of themes on camel sciences.

The sponsors and speakers at the seminar were honored at the end of the event.

Source: Oman News Agency