Second round of French legislative election begins

The second round of the legislative election in France began on Sunday under fears of the far right gaining more grounds in parlianment.

Some 43 million eligible voters are expected to cast their votes in 501 constituencies to elect their parliamentary representatives.

The first round saw France 49 million eligible voters casting their vote in 79 constituencies with over 69 percent turnout, a percentage surpassing the ones registered in 2022.

The first round of the election saw the far-right group the National Rally (RN) winning the majority of votes by 31.8 percent compared to 28 percent of the votes for the New Popular Front (NFP), while President Francois Macron’s Renaissance (RE) gained 20.3 percent.

There are 557 seats in the French parliament with many parties of different ideologies vying for a spot. For a majority, a party must obtained 289 seats.

Source: Kuwait News Agency