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Senegalese Pres. appoints Ousmane Sonko as PM

Senegalese Pres. appoints Ousmane Sonko as PM

Senegalese newly elected President Bassirou Diomaye Faye appointed, Tuesday, Ousmane Sonko as Prime Minister of Senegal.

In a press statement, Sonko expressed his gratitude and pride in the trust bestowed upon him by President Faye.

This came after President Faye’s swearing in as the fifth President of the Republic of Senegal, winning the presidential elections that took place on March 24.

On March 15, President Faye and Prime Minister Sonko were released from prison under a presidential pardon, campaigning head to head in time for the presidential elections.

It is worthy to note that Faye is 44 years old, the youngest President in Senegal history, and has not held any political positions before being elected President, succeeding Macky Sall after serving 12 years as President.

Source: Kuwait News Agency