Senior Jihad member killed in Israeli air strike

Israeli warplanes carried out a raid in southern Gaza on Thursday killing a ranking member of the Palestinian faction Islamic Jihad.

A spokesperson of the Israeli Army said in a statement the fighter jets bombed house of Ahmad Abu Daqqa, the deputy chief of the missile unit in the group. The strike resulted in his death.

Abu Daqqa had played a pivotal role in launching the latest salvo of missiles in the direction of Israel, the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, health authorities in Gaza declared that the casualty toll of the latest Israeli agression rose to 26 martyrs and 64 injury cases, High tension has been prevailing between the Israelis and Palestinians after Tel Aviv killed three senior chiefs of Islamic Jihad in air attacks. The Palestinians retaliated for the aggression with volleys of rockets in the direction of Israeli settlement, wounding a number of settlers.

Source: Kuwait News Agency