Settlers set up caravans and barracks east of Bethlehem

Settlers set up mobile homes, “caravans” and “barracks” in the Tekoa desert, east of Bethlehem, on Tuesday.

Hassan Breijieh, a researcher in the affairs of the wall and settlements, reported that settlers had erected a number of mobile homes and barracks in the ‘Khalat al-Liyah’ area in the Tekoa Wilderness, in preparation for establishing a settlement outpost, noting that the occupation has been preventing landowners in the area from accessing it since October 7.

It is noteworthy that the settlers have recently escalated their settlement attack in the Tekoa Wilderness, where dozens of mobile homes and barracks were erected in the areas of ‘Fathura’, ‘Bir Firas’, and ‘Wadi Al-Mu’allaq’, and they established settlement outposts there

Source: Maan News Agency