SEZAD Launches Data, Cloud Services Centre in Duqm

The Special Economic Zone Authority at

Duqm (SEZAD) today launched Data and Cloud Services Centre. The

Centre was established by Oman Data Park as part of its contribution

to the economic growth being witnessed by the zone.

The Data and Cloud Services Centre is the third of its kind

implemented by Oman Data Park in the Sultanate. It aims to provide a

wide range of cloud services to government agencies and companies

operating in the zone, as well as providing greater reliability, speed and

reduced downtime compared with access to cloud services across data

centres in the international markets. It will also contribute to reducing

costs of international communication, which was an obstacle to

companies to move to the cloud.

The launching ceremony was held under the patronage of

Yahya bin Said al-Jabri, Chairman of the SEZAD Board of Directors. He

stressed the importance of the Centre in facilitating the work of

government institutions and companies operating in the zone through

offering technical solutions and services.

He said that establishing this centre in the Special Economic Zone

in Duqm (SEZD) is the beginning of the era of the cloud services

market in the zone. The Centre serves objectives of the Authority

represented in the dissemination of technical solutions that prepare

Duqm to be a smart city. He hoped governmental institutions and

companies operating in the zone would benefit from services provided

by the Centre.

Sami bin Ahmed al-Ghassani, Chairman of Oman Data Park,

said: “Through the Data Centre, information managers will ensure that

their data is hosted in a local data centre that is fully complied with

data protection laws in the Sultanate”.

On his turn, Eng. Maqbool bin Salim al-Wahibi, CEO of Oman

Data Park said, “Launching the Centre comes as part of the company’s

launch of the second version of the cloud systems that aim to speed

up computer services and availability, in addition to the security of

information and data that are characterised by high standards for the

preservation of these data in the Sultanate”.

Eng. Omar bin Salim al-Shanfri, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

(CEO) of Information Technology Authority (ITA) for Operations said,

“ITA is working to encourage the private sector to invest in the provision

of cloud services as such projects include many services, such as

cloud computing”. He hoped that these services would spread in

different governorates of the Sultanate, given their multiple benefits.

Source: Oman News Agency