SGT Begins Awareness Campaign for Excise Tax

Muscat, The Secretariat General for Taxation

(SGT) today launched an awareness campaign covering all

governorates of the Sultanate to educate employers about the

mechanism of applying the excise tax and the requirements for

disclosure of the selective goods stock for taxable goods.

The SGT has prepared guidelines to clarify the application of the

tax in the transitional period before the date of implementation of the

law on 15 June 2019 as stipulated by the Royal Decree No. (23/2019),

to take effect after 90 days from the official publication of the law.

The explanatory leaflet distributed in the campaign included

information, data and clarifications on the application of the 100

percent excise tax on tobacco and its derivatives, energy drinks,

alcohol, and pork. Carbonated beverages are taxed 50 percent, based

on the retail price.

The bulletin added that those who have a stock of selective

commodities must disclose the size of the stock and pay the tax due

within 15 days from the date of application. Those who have stock of

the selective commodities will have to inventory the stock of each

commodity subject to the excise tax at the end of 14 June 2019, and

prepare a list of these goods, including at least name and product

description, product code (shown below the barcode), quantity and

sale price.

Source: Oman News Agency