Shura Council Discusses Report on State Draft Budget 2022

Muscat, The Shura Council today discussed the report of its Economic and Financial Committee on the state draft Budget 2022.

The report, presented by the committee’s chairman Ahmed Said Al Sharqi, offered detailed recommendations on mechanisms of funding deficit, the government’s plans on diversifying the national income and raising the contribution of industry, tourism and logistics sectors to the national income. The recommendations also deal with the employment of jobseekers, the Job Security Fund and the situation of laid-off workers.

The deliberations took place during the Council’s fourth ordinary session of the third annual sitting (2021-2022) of the 9th Term (2019-2023) held under the chairmanship of Khalid Hilal Al Maawali, Chairman of the Shura Council.

Later, the Council reviewed other topics on the agenda, including the financial securities draft law forwarded by the government and a proposal to amend some provisions of the Documents and Archives Law as per the vision of the Media and Culture Committee.

The Council’s fourth ordinary session also discussed the report of the Education and Research Committee about a mechanism to boost external scholarships.

Source: Oman News Agency