Snow Trapped Yaks Starve to Death in India

New Delhi, At least 300 yaks have starved to

death near India’s border with China after getting trapped by heavy


Government official Raj Yadav said they found the corpses in

the north-east state of Sikkim on Friday.

The yaks had been trapped since December. Authorities had

tried to drop food to the animals by helicopter but were pushed back

by poor weather.

Yaks have been in the region for thousands of years, used for

their milk and meat but also to transport goods.

Local uthorities found the dead yaks in the Mukuthang valley in

the north of the state. While between 10 and 15 yaks usually die each

year, this year’s toll is the highest on record.

Efforts are under way to reach up to 50 yaks still trapped in the

area that need immediate attention, the BBC news reported.

Source: Oman News Agency