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Solidarity Association distributes more than 7,000 Ramadan food baskets

Solidarity Association distributes more than 7,000 Ramadan food baskets

Nablus – Together – With the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, the Solidarity Charitable Association distributed food parcels to the families of orphans and humanitarian cases in Nablus Governorate with the support of philanthropists in the governorate, and as every year, the Association provides basic food supplies sufficient for one family for a period of time and collects them. In the form of a food basket, it is distributed to registered families.

There was an urgent need this year to increase and expand the amount of benefit in light of the difficult economic situation that the entire country is going through, which affected many families who lost their source of income, as there are many workers who have not received income for more than 6 months in addition to factory workers. Which closed its doors and many workers were laid off due to difficult conditions.

Maqbool said that the association aims to reduce the burden on these families by supporting them with food supplies that meet their needs,
as the number of food parcels provided reached more than 7,000 food parcels that were distributed to the families of orphans in the association and families of difficult humanitarian cases. The packages were distributed this year through several regions, and 7 purchasing centers were chosen in addition to meat centers so that the beneficiaries could choose their needs with their own hands and create a food basket that would suffice them and achieve the desired goal of the Ramadan charitable project carried out by the association.

The head of the Solidarity Charity Association said that the campaign included all the families of orphans in Nablus Governorate, with its villages and camps, registered with the association, in addition to thousands of humanitarian cases, according to pre-prepared lists within the association’s schedules, calling on the major companies operating in the region to contribute to providing ongoing assistance.

The president of the association and members of the administrative body exte
nded their thanks and gratitude to the people of Nablus Governorate for providing food parcels and for providing a helping hand and assistance to them in light of the difficult circumstances that the Palestinian people are experiencing.

Source: Maan News Agency