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South Africa Says Israeli Attack on Gaza Defies Decisions of Top UN Court

South Africa Says Israeli Attack on Gaza Defies Decisions of Top UN Court

Naledi Pandor, South African Foreign Minister accused Israel of setting a precedent in defying decisions of the top UN court as she again alleged a campaign of “mass starvation” in Gaza.

South Africa is suing Israel before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) accusing it of committing genocide in the war on Gaza. Pretoria’s move angered Israel and called for condemnation from the US.

The South African Foreign Minister said that Israel defied a January interim ruling by the ICJ, ordering it to do everything in its power to prevent genocide acts as it fights against Hamas in Gaza.

In early March, Pretoria asked the ICJ to impose “provisional measures” to put an end to the mass “famine” occurring as a result of Israeli military attack in Gaza.

“The provisional measures have been entirely ignored by Israel,” Pandor said at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace during a visit to Washington.

“Were seeing mass starvation now and famine before our very eyes. I think we, as humanity, need to look at
ourselves in horror and dismay and to be really worried that we have set an example,” she added.

She explained that Israel’s actions may mean other nations will believe “there is license I can do what I want and I will not be stopped.” South Africa has again petitioned the court in The Hague to order measures for Israel to stop “widespread starvation” in light of its attack in Gaza.

A UN-backed food security assessment determined that Gaza is facing imminent famine, with around 1.1 million people – about half the population – experiencing “catastrophic” hunger as a result of not allowing aid to enter the Strip.

Source: Oman News Agency