State Council Office Discusses Studies, Proposals

Muscat, Dr. Yahya bin Mahfoudh al-Manthri,

Chairman of the State Council extended thanks and appreciation to His

Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said for his attention accorded to the

Shura march. He affirmed that this Royal care yielded a remarkable

progress for the parliamentary work in the Sultanate. He praised

cooperation and coordination between the State Council and Majlis

A’Shura, referring to the draft laws discussed in the joint sessions

between the two councils.

While chairing the Office’s 13th session of the 3rd annual sitting

of the 6th term, Dr. al-Manthri commended efforts of the honourable

members of the Council and their active participation during the current

sitting of the Council.

The Office discussed a range of topics on its agenda, including a

study by the Social Committee on “Protecting Children from Accidents”

and a proposal raised by the Education and Research Committee to

study “Developing the Regulation of Private Training Institutions”.

The Office also discussed a number of proposals submitted by

the honourable members, the proposal of the Omani-Polish

Parliamentary Friendship Committee. The Office reviewed a summary

of its meeting with heads of the standing committees, held on 19 March

2018. It also reviewed a number of letters from a number of relevant


The Office also addressed the evaluation of the tenth, eleventh,

twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth sessions of the third annual sitting of

the sixth term. It reviewed a follow-up report on the implementation of

the decisions made at its previous meeting, as well as the follow-up

report to the committees’ activities.

Source: Oman News Agency

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