Steering Committee for Tourism Sector Reviews Performance Indicators for 2018

The Steering Committee for the Tourism Sector today held its 14th meeting under the chair of Ahmed bin Nasser al- Mahrzi, Minister of Tourism and reviewed a number of topics and the ongoing 14 initiatives since the conclusion of ‘Tanfeedh’ labs.

During the meeting, the representatives of the National Center for Statistics and the Ministry of Manpower reviewed the efforts made after the seminar which was held in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism in coordination with the three parties to reach a consensus on the basic concepts of the tourism sector. The meeting also reviewed the statistics related to the tourism sector including the number of inbound and outbound tourists in the tourism sector.

A team of the Ministry of Tourism made a presentation and discussed a number of ongoing initiatives and projects including the management of the natural sites and protected areas for tourism use and opening the bids for the Qurm Natural Protected Area, Al Saleel Natural Park and selecting winners.

The support team of Implementation and Follow Up Unit reviewed the performance indicators for 2018 to implement the initiative at the specified time and address the challenges of the tourism sector. The team also specified the dates of the Steering Committee’s meetings, which will be held monthly.

Source: Oman News Agency