Sultan Qaboos Award for Industrial Excellence Winning Companies Confirm Continuation of Effort, Raising Production, Contributing to GDP

Officials in the winning companies of the Sultan Qaboos Award for Industrial Excellence (2017/2018) confirmed that they will continue their efforts to raise production, contribute to local production, support domestic products, increase social responsibility, raise Omanisation rates and find alternatives and solutions to develop Omani industries.

They said that the Sultan Qaboos Award for Industrial Excellence contributes to the development and improvement of the performance of industrial companies and factories and encourages them for sustainability, stressing that the development of the award comes as a translation of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s vision of creating a competitive business environment that contributes effectively to the development of the national economy.

They explained that industrial development is one of the most important pillars of comprehensive economic development. They added that industry plays an important role in the economy as the engine of economic development.

Hamad bin Nasser al- Farsi, Assistant Director General of Jindal Steel and Power Company, said: “The importance of the Sultan Qaboos Award for Industrial Excellence is represented in improving the industrial level in all its aspects, as it is intended to reach all industrial sectors from large and medium companies and factories in recognition and encouragement for industrialists, support them, in addition to implanting modern and sophisticated ideas, principles and policies.

Mohammed bin Harith al- Barashedi, CEO of Oman Fiber Optics Company, said: “The company’s success means a lot to the company and will contribute to motivating it to further development and continue to accomplish more achievements in the coming years. “.

The CEO of Oman Fiber Optics Company said that the award will contribute to the development of the telecommunications sector locally and regionally. He pointed out that the factors that contributed to the company’s receipt of the award in 2007, 2008 and 2009, respectively, as well as the award in 2018 will undoubtedly work on to stimulate the company towards further development and innovation in the coming years.

For his part, Hilal bin Saif al- Dhamari, Director General of Oman Cement Company, said that winning the Sultan Qaboos Award for Industrial Excellence is an encouragement to the company and its employees and it establishes trust between the board of directors and management of the executive company, and a motive to put more efforts, continue production and high proficiency.

He added that the Omanisation rate in the factory is 71 percent. He pointed out that the executive management of the company aspires to reach the rate of Omanisation during the next two years to 80 percent.

Sheikh Salah bin Hilal al- Ma’awali, CEO of Oman Flour Mills said that the award focused on evaluating the maturity of major operations within companies and factories.

Al- Ma’awali pointed out that the Omanisation rate in the company currently stands at about 69 percent. He added that Omanis currently hold most of the administrative and supervisory posts. He explained that the company has a five-year Omanisation plan aimed at increasing the number of Omani employees.

Source: Oman News Agency