Sultanate, Belarus Discusses Promoting Economic Cooperation

The Omani-Belarusian Parliamentary

Friendship Committee at the State Council today explored means of

promoting economic cooperation between the Sultanate and Belarus,

as well as augmenting trade exchange between the two sides.

The Committee reviewed at its 1st meeting of the 3rd annual sitting

of the 6th term under the chair of honourable Dr. Ahmed bin Ali al-

Meshaikhi, several reports including the report incoming from the

Foreign Ministry on the Bilateral Relations between the Sultanate and

the Republic of Belarus, a report of the Public Authority for Investment

Promotion and Export Development (Ithraa) on Development of

Investment and Economic Relations between the two countries and a

report from Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) on

Trade Exchange between the two countries.

The Committee addressed reasons for the decline of the trade

exchange volume between the two countries. It also developed an

action plan that includes four key themes for promoting economic

cooperation, augmenting the volume of trade exchange between the

two sides, developing the bilateral relations in areas of culture, tourism,

education and scientific research, as well as enhancing parliamentary

relations and sharing expertise between the two councils in a manner

that pushes the relations towards broader avenues.

Source: Oman News Agency