Sultanate Concludes Participation in WTM in London

London, The Sultanate, represented by the

Ministry of Tourism, today concluded its participation in the World

Travel Market (MTC) in London. The Sultanate’s delegation was

headed to the three-day event by Ahmed bin Nasser al-Mehrazi,

Minister of Tourism.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, the Minister of Tourism held a

number of meetings with officials of major tourist companies in the

world exploring prospects of cooperation in tourism fields, ways to

increase the flow of tourists to the Sultanate and enhancing the Omani

presence in the European markets.

The Minister of Tourism briefed the officials on the

developments in the Sultanate in various tourism fields, especially in

relation to the increase in hotel facilities and the consequent increase

in the number of rooms and beds. He also briefed them on tourism

facilities and flexibility in granting visas to facilitate the flow of tourists

from different countries of the world, in addition to the use of

technology in the service of the tourism sector and benefiting from the

wealth of information so as to make it possible to know the potential of

this sector to keep abreast of the tourism developments being

witnessed by the Sultanate and the world.

Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah al-Hinai, Sultanate’s Ambassador

to the United Kingdom (UK), visited the pavilion of the Sultanate at the

World Travel Market in London. He was briefed on the contents of the

pavilion, which reflect the historical heritage of the Sultanate and its

many potentials components. The Ambassador was also briefed on the

participations of government and private institutions and the facilities

they offer.

The Ambassador praised the Sultanate’s presence in the

British market as one of the most important export markets for tourists

in the European continent. He praised the participation of small and

medium enterprises (SMEs) in the World Travel Market in London. He

pointed out that this reflects the interest shown by the government,

represented by the Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises

to entrepreneurship. He noted that there are hotel facilities managed

by entrepreneurs, such as heritage and green houses, guesthouses,

which contribute to the provision of hotel rooms.

The Sultanate’s pavilion was also visited by a number of Arab

ministers of tourism during which they were briefed on the contents of

the exhibition, including images that reflect the natural and heritage

elements, as well as the variety of Omani environments, which are one

of the most important tourist attractions.

The Sultanate’s pavilion witnessed a large visitors’ turnout who

were briefed on the content of the exhibition, including many data,

facilities, services, natural, heritage and historical sites in the Sultanate.

The visitors expressed their admiration over the elements, facilities and

developments related to tourism in the Sultanate and the pictures, data

and films that were showcased by the Omani institutions participating

in the World Travel Market, in addition to the participating hotel


Source: Oman News Agency